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PERFORMANCE CLUB FITTING                                     

The Golf Etc.® Evansville performance club fitting is an eight step process to develop an all-inclusive golfer profile.  Better Golf Faster (BGF) is a computer software program custom designed for Golf Etc.® Evansville to be the primary catalyst for this process.  All information has been formatted and sequentially designed to lead you from initial customer profile, static testing of the player and equipment along with a detailed report for review.  The performance club fitting also conducts dynamic testing using FlightScope, a 3D Doppler tracking golf radar.  The extensive dynamic testing of the golfer's performance with every club in the net discovers the golfer's optimum club characteristics.  FlightScope also specifies the distance gap between clubs.  The static and dynamic testing are then analyzed and game improvement recommendations are made to the golfer.

BGF - Better Golf...Faster! sets the industry standard in high tech club fitting.  BGF is a proprietary fitting system used to fit golfers of all abilities.  Every golfer is born with a natural swing that is unique.  By analyzing the golfers unique swinging motion, we can determine the proper equipment type, length of club(s), weight, balance or swing weight, and type of shaft that each golfer should play.

Fitting Results:
- Reduced shot dispersion by 50%
- Increase distance by 5-10%
- Lower scores by 2-20 strokes

Tour Fit Recommendations:
- Progressive Weighting of Entire Set
- FM Precision Shaft Flex Scale
- Uses Shaft Load Data for Butt Flex and Tip Profiles (Shaft Lab or Timing, Transition and Release - TTR)
- Swing Weight Consistency and Progression
- Incorporates Golfer's Physical Characteristics
- Validated with Launch Monitor Testing
CPM frequency stiffness of typical manufacturer set:

Clubs that are purchased off-the-rack are very inconsistent in terms of shaft flexes, especially in graphite composite shafts.  Even custom fit flubs built by major manufacturers will not be built to the exact specifications that are necessary for the golfer to improve their game.
CPM frequency stiffness after BGF Fitting:

By building a set to match the golfer's unique swing motion, every club in the golfer's bag will perform consistently better.  With properly fit and precisely built clubs, our golfers will imporve consistency, accuracy and distance.  The result is increased confidence and lower scores.
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